The Ville de Brownsburg-Chatham is about to have a new top manager.

The municipality announced on April 22 that Jean-François Brunet will take over the role of Director-General as of May 4.  Brunet was previously the municipality’s Director of Development and of Land Use Planning.

Hervé Rivet, who has served as Director-General in Brownsburg-Chatham since 2018, is leaving to become Director-General for the Ville de St-Lazare.

“The municipal council would like to sincerely thank Hervé Rivet for his dedication and his excellent work over the past few years,” said Brownsburg-Chatham Mayor Catherine Trickey. “He was able to give direction and bring cohesion to the town hall.”

In less than two years of service, Rivet has presided over several reforms and improvements to municipal operations.

“I consider leaving the City of Brownsburg-Chatham in an excellent position in order to continue its very good momentum, which began when I arrived in September 2018,” Rivet said.

Those reforms and improvements include growth of the municipal tax base and reduction of the tax burden for 94 per cent of taxpayers, combined with three years of budget surpluses of nearly $1 million. Urban planning was also reformed and replaced with a new Development and Land Use Planning Department.

Rivet oversaw a significant improvement to Brownsburg-Chatham’s method of communicating with citizens and journalists, thanks to greater use of social media, website upgrades, and more direct contact with citizens. Other reforms and achievements during Rivet’s time as Director-General include reaching a new eight-year collective agreement with unionized employees, introducing a new, 10-year management policy, creation of the Registry and Legal Affairs Department, and modernization of the fire department.

Rivet said he is leaving Brownsburg-Chatham with some sadness, but is confident his replacement will successfully oversee municipal operations.

“I am convinced that Mr. Brunet and the exceptional management team will meet their challenges brilliantly,” Rivet said.

Trickey said is looking forward to having Brunet at the helm of the municipal administration.

“As he already was a member of the administration, he is well-aware of current issues,” she observed.

Brunet is also optimistic about what lies ahead in his new role.

“I am proud and happy to accept the position of Director-General of Brownsburg-Chatham. I look forward to working with elected officials, employees and citizens,” he said.