10 Years ago
Churches robbed of stained-glass windows
The Review, April 13, 2011 – A third church in the region has been robbed. The theft of two stained-glass windows from St. Columba Presbyterian Church at Kirk Hill was discovered last Sunday. This is the third such theft in the region. Stained-glass windows were recently stolen from St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Grenville, Quebec. A large stained-glass window was also stolen from St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Dunany, Quebec.

25 Years Ago
Landowners hope to stop water bottling operation
The Review, April 10, 1996 – A group of landowners is considering taking legal action to stop the proposed establishment of a commercial water-bottling operation on Pleasant Corners Road. If common sense prevails, the Ontario environment ministry will block the proposal by Cimad Industries to permanently pump water from a site located west of Highway 34, says Glen Howes. Landowners say test drilling has already lowered the water table and affected their water supplies, and that permanent pumping will only cause more, long-term effects.

50 Years Ago
Boundary changes for VCI and HDHS
The Review, April 14, 1971 – Parents in the Chute-a-Blondeau, L’Orignal and West Hawkesbury areas will be happy to learn that the boundaries for the Hawkesbury District High School have been returned to the pre-1970 form. Grade 8 English-speaking students from the present Hawkesbury Public Elementary School will be enrolled at HDHS in order to maintain balanced English speaking in both schools. Grades 10 and 11 English-speaking students currently at Hawkesbury will be enrolled at VCI in September 1971, provided parents are in agreement. Grade 8 students from L’Orignal, West Hawkesbury and Chute-a-Blondeau will be enrolled at Hawkesbury.

75 Years Ago
VCI Boys face off against Hawkesbury
The Review, April 11, 1946 – The swiftest Boys Basketball game of the season was played Monday night, when the Hawkesbury Vets gave the VCI Vets a real test of their true ability. The game was clean and fast and fine basketball and good sportsmanship was evident throughout. Eddy Lemay was the main push for Hawkesbury, while Jack Hurley was the high scorer for VCI with 16 points. A bumper crowd was there and seven dollars was collected to buy softball equipment for the school vets.

100 Years Ago
Chemical fire engine for Vankleek Hill
The Review, April 15, 1921 – Vankleek Hill has at last begun negotiations for the purchase of a chemical fire engine. A Winchester committee has recommended the purchase, and in fact has bought the very same engine that Vankleek Hill should have. Here, opinion is divided as to whether a small outfit would not be as good for this town as a large one.

125 Years Ago
Liquor license applications in Hawkesbury
The Review, April 10, 1896 – Applications for two new liquor licenses for the Town of Hawkesbury have been made to the liquor inspector. If granted, the number of hotels in Hawkesbury will increase to five, equal to The Hill. The Board of License Commissioners will meet at the Village of Alfred on April 20 to consider applications for liquor licenses for the following year.


Photo and caption reprinted from the April 14, 2011, edition of The Review.