Council cost more than $173,000 in La Nation in 2020

It cost $173,958.73 to pay municipal councillors in La Nation in 2020.

According to a report from Treasurer Cécile Maisonneuve, Mayor François St-Amour earned the base salary of $50,875.00 in addition to the $780 communication allowance that is given to all members of council.  St-Amour did not receive further compensation from the municipality for mileage or convention registration expenses, and only billed $44.96 in convention expenses.  In total, the mayor was paid $51,699.96 in 2020.

Each of the four councillors received the base salary of $28,184.91 and the $780 communication allowance in 2020.  Councillors Francis Brière and Danik Forgues did not claim mileage expenses.  Councillor Marie-Noëlle Lanthier claimed $425.15 in mileage expenses and Councillor Alain Mainville claimed $265.35 for mileage.

All four councillors claimed $625.82 each for convention registration expenses. Lanthier claimed an additional $979.01 in convention expenses, bringing her total remuneration to $30,994.89 for 2020.  Brière’s convention expenses were $806.69, which resulted in a total remuneration of $30,397.42.  Mainville claimed $793.41 in convention expenses, bringing his total remuneration for 2020 to $30,646.49.  The convention expenses for Forgues were $629.24 and his total remuneration was $30,219.97 in 2020.

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