Happy New year! Hard to believe another year has come and gone already, and how long it’s been since I’ve written a post. As I force myself to sit here amongst my messy home, encouraging myself to relax and reflect, and not worry about my to do list, I think back on all the curve balls 2020 gave us. Many people posted good riddance to 2020, it was a year no one wants to remember; hopeful that 2021 will be a more positive year. I have no desire to say good riddance to 2020, I want to say thank you! It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, but I am still grateful that my family and friends have stayed healthy and safe and that we live in an area where we can spend plenty of time outside. Of course, the thought that it’s been almost a year since my munchkin and I have gotten a proper granny hug or visited inside my parent’s house is depressing but if that’s the worst we’ve had to deal with then I’d say we’re doing okay. Many others are struggling with poor mental health, tough home environments, lack of food and shelter, illness, loss of loved ones and so on.

I have no reason to be anything but grateful for 2020. It showed me how to slow down; how to put things into perspective and to appreciate the quality time I can spend with my family. Having an empty calendar used to stress me out. Now I embrace it! No more having to rush here or there. Our schedule is what we choose to make it. My biggest stresses are finding enough hours in the day to milk cows full time, keep my house clean, and play with my little man. All are full time jobs. There seems to be very few hours left for “me” time. I  tell myself its okay you can just do it tomorrow because tomorrow will be just like today. You decide exactly what you want to do.

So many memories have been made. Our blued eyed angel is growing beautifully and is quite the little character. He soaks up all the daddy time he is getting while farm work is quieter in the winter. One night I came home from chores and the boys were playing hide and seek and had a fort made. I was in tears; I was so happy. It reminded me of how we made forts as kids but also made me realize that I need to spend more time just playing with my little guy. Even though our social schedule is blank, I am still always on the go. I feel guilty if I’m not “working”, but that night I was reminded that enjoying playtime with my son is more important than any floors that might need cleaning.

On the 23rd of December we visited my parents. We surprised them and they’re reactions honestly made it the best Christmas gift we could’ve given them. It was nice to spend quality time with them; no meal stress or chaos. They enjoyed watching their grandson open his gifts and play, even if it had to be outside. This experience reminded me of what the true spirit of Christmas is all about. The pandemic made the Magic of Christmas, more memorable. So instead of waving good-bye to 2020, I gave 2020 a hug good-bye. To 2021 I say, bring it on. Lets’ see what memories we can make together and I continue to pray for good health and safety for everyone