Canada Carbon continues its efforts to begin extracting graphite from the Miller mine site in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge.

In July 2020, The Commission de la Protection du Territoire Agricole du Québec (“CPTAQ”) delivered a conditional positive preliminary orientation for the Miller Project. As part of the review process, the CPTAQ allows 30 days following its orientation for interested parties to submit any additional information related to the Project. The CPTAQ extended that 30-day window to allow parties more time to review the Miller Project information. Any party can request a public meeting with the CPTAQ. The party will have up to 10 days prior to the meeting to provide the CPTAQ with the documents to be discussed during the public meeting. A final decision will be rendered following the public meeting. Canada Carbon has been informed that a public meeting for the CPTAQ will be held. Scheduling is currently taking place and it is anticipated that the meeting will be held via ZOOM in February or March 2021.

As a countermeasure, the Municipality of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge (GSLR) commissioned three parallel expertise studies which have been filed with the CPTAQ. The studies focus on hydrogeology, agronomy and forestry.  However, Canada Carbon is doubtful that those studies will affect its plans.

“We have forwarded copies of the studies to our experts, however, a preliminary review of the contents of the reports indicates that there are no issues of concern in the reports likely to lead to a reversal of CPTAQ’s preliminary orientation. We will study these reports carefully and reiterate our willingness to work with the municipality and its citizens in the realization of the Miller project,” said Valerie Pomerleau, the recently appointed Director of Public Affairs and Communications for Canada Carbon.

Canada Carbon contends that this graphite project not only has the potential to contribute to the achievement of greenhouse gas (“GHG”) reduction objectives, but says it would also help develop the regional economy in addition to participating in the post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

The company is also aiming for a more open approach to public relations with the municipality and community.

“The arrival of Ms. Pomerleau has made it possible to reach and raise awareness among several stakeholders of the Miller Project. Our new vision and a much more proactive communication have allowed us to rekindle the discussions surrounding the operation of a “green” graphite project in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge,” said Canada Carbon Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Olga Nikitovic. Nikitovic replaces former CEO Bruce Duncan, who passed away in 2020.

Canada Carbon claims that the graphite from the Miller site is of extremely high purity.  Graphite is used in electrical products as a conductor, and the high purity of the Miller graphite would make it especially valuable in the production of high-efficiency products.

The company is also emphasizing that extraction work would be largely powered by hydroelectricity as a result of Québec`s prominence in that form of energy production.

“We are an indispensable ally in the development of new, low-emission energy sources and we want to be a full participant in that development. Our high purity graphite is essential for several applications that will have a positive environmental impact since its exploitation could be done with much lower carbon emissions than graphite from elsewhere in the world.” said Nikitovic.

Canada Carbon says it will soon be launching a Miller Project participative platform in French to inform stakeholders regarding the project. From this platform, citizens will be able to easily consult the documentation related to the project.