The L’Orignal volunteer firefighters, the Knights of Columbus and the L’Orignal Food Bank combined efforts at the end of 2020 to ensure that a year-end food drive was a success.

The normal door-to-door food collection (guignolée) was not possible this year due to the pandemic, but the organizing committee invited citizens to drop off food at the L’Orignal Fire Hall on specific dates at specific times.

Citizens responded generously and the donation of non-perishable food items and monetary donations surpassed expectations. This food drive enabled the L’Orignal Food Bank to distribute Christmas Baskets to more than 50 families in need before Christmas. Surplus funds remained with the L’Orignal Food Bank.

The organizing committee extends thanks to : Bertrand Supplies, Aliments Matrix, Huneault Portes de Garage, Legault Mechanical, Garage King, Cusson Woodworker, Eastern On Ready Mix, Le Parlement des élèves ESCRH, Ferme Avicole Laviolette, Elpa Inc., Asselin Independent, L’Orignal Packing, La Binerie Plantagenet, the Hawkesbury Rotary Club, Conseil St-Jean Baptiste des Chevaliers de Colomb, Imprimerie Thibert, and Alx Designs.

Organizers thank the population for its support, extend their appreciation to the Familles de L’Orignal community group and the Delta Boardwalk Bingo of Hawkesbury, which shared some of its revenues so that those in need would receive support at Christmas.

Marcel Clément, speaking on behalf of the Knights of Columbus, said that support from François Bellemare and contributions from other young firefighters made all of this possible, adding that it is appreciated that a new generation is stepping up to help their community. For many members of the Knights of Columbus, their age reduces their ability to participate as they have in the past.