The past year has been a particularly successful one for Alexandria singer-songwriter Katie Ditschun, who capped off 2020 with both a new video release and a national award nomination.

Ditschun’s video for her song That is That has been named as a finalist in the Folk category for the 2021 Dropout Canadian Independent Music Video Awards. Fans can vote for her on Dropout’s website here.

To finish off the year, Ditschun released the video for her song The Moon on December 29. The release date of the video was purposeful, the artist notes.

“(December 29) was the last full moon of 2020, and I decided to release The Moon because I thought it was timely,” Ditschun laughs, adding the song is one of her favorite songs from the 2020 album Spare Skirt. “It’s moody and eerie – I love the feel of it and the cello in it.”

The dream-like piece features Alexandria’s Noel Campbell on cello, and Madeline Gerow acting in the video. It was an absolute pleasure working with both artists, Ditschun says.

“Noel is great and we had a wonderful time recording it. It was really exciting, because he and Madeline were quite game to tromp through the woods and try things – we got some really great footage.”

Ditschun is also thrilled with the recognition of That is That by the judges and voters from The Canadian Independent Music Video Awards, noting her nomination was completely unexpected.

“I only recently heard that (the video) was a finalist,” said Ditschun from her Alexandria home last week. “I’m excited and I’m optimistic, but I’m really just happy to be a finalist – this is new for me.”

The Alexandria artist’s 2020 album Spare Skirt is available for purchase on her website Ditschun is also already hard at work writing songs for a record she hopes to release before the end of 2021.

“I have songs already written, ready to go, and I am hoping to release an EP by the end of the year,” says the artist, who is also hoping to be able to perform live again at some point. “I appreciate that there is an online platform and we can do virtual performances, but it’s still not the same as when you have people sitting right in front of you and you can communicate with them – I really miss that part of it.”