On November 26, the Town of Lachute unveiled its new logo as well as an updated slogan.  VOYOU communication agency helped develop the new branding for the municipality.

The logo is meant to combine the “L” of Lachute, a waterfall, the community, and is supposed to represent the town’s personality, combining dynamism and accessibility.

The slogan: « Au cœur de ton histoire » (At the heart of your history) remembers the past, its heritage while looking towards the future. Several variations of the official slogan have been developed by the town and adapted to all municipal activities and services in order to be able to model them for different initiatives as much advertising, promotions, events, and commercial or community use.

Representing nearly two years of work, Lachute’s new image is meant to be inspiring, dynamic, vibrant and current. It was developed within the framework of the strategic plan in 2018 adopted in 2018 that that called for a more current image for the town.

The logo was the result of many meetings between the design agency and town staff, a historical presentation of the founding of Lachute given by historian Robert Simard, as well as through focus groups among municipal employees and consultations with elected officials.

The Jean-Marc-Belzile Library has also been given a new logo redesign that complements the new municipal logo.

The new logo will gradually begin appearing at municipal facilities and services during the months ahead.  The town’s website is also being redesigned and will be launched early in 2021.

“Our image is not only a reflection of our history, of our experience, but also of what we aspire to, what we dream of, what we want to look like for everyone to see. Lachute is a welcoming town, warm, but also forward-looking,” said Lachute Mayor Carl Péloquin.