The Chenail Cultural Centre is holding its annual Christmas Tea as well as the opening of the Fine Arts Marketplace, presenting beautiful works made by artists from the region.

This December 5, 2020 at the Maison de l’Île, you can enjoy tea and apple cake with hot rum coulis and admire artists’ works, which will be on display until January 4, 2021.

The Chenail Cultural Centre complies with social distancing laws issued by the Ontario provincial government. Please bring your mask and maintain a distance of 2 metres from others. If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, onset or aggravation of a cough, difficulty breathing or sudden loss of smell unaccompanied by nasal congestion, please stay home.

Christmas Tea

A tradition returning for the fifth year in a row, enjoy the ambiance along with music and French songs, accompanied by pianist Robert Dionne. Enjoy a slice of hostess Shirley Clermont’s apple cake and hot rum coulis. The Christmas Tea takes place between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.. The cost is $7 for tea and dessert.

Date: Saturday, December 5th

Fine Arts Marketplace

This free admission craft exhibition features beautiful pieces of arts and crafts made by local artists. Find a beautiful holiday gift among these finds: handcrafted jewelry, wooden sculptures, wool crafts, ceramic pottery and glass works. Delivery and gift wrapping is available upon request. You are encouraged to support local artists and artisans. The Fine Arts Marketplace opens Saturday, December 5, continuing through January 4, 2021. The artists will be present for the opening of the Fine Arts Marketplace.

Admission is free.

The following artists’ works will be part of this year’s show.

Roger Brabant
A sculptor of unique wood pieces and creator of popular art, Roger Brabant makes his works from recycled materials.

Leo Schimanszky
Renowned contemporary artist, Leo Schimanszky is a sculptor of marble, aluminum and metal. The curves and smooth lines of his works are eye-catching and blend well with any décor.

Manon Sauvé
Since 2006, Manon Sauvé, alias Manis, has been experimenting with glass to create beautiful pieces of fused glass. She composes, with colored glass and different alloys, unique paintings and objects.

Roxanne Levaque
The woolen mittens made by Roxanne Levaque are made from recycled materials and are perfect for the whole family. Printable design options are available.

Lucie Gambuto
Lucie Gambuto brings us her collection of traditionally knitted wool sweaters just in time for the cold winter weather.

Jessica Sarrazin
Originally from Vankleek Hill, Jessica Sarrazin is an interdisciplinary artist who incorporates sewing, photography, sculpture and installation, and many other techniques in the production of her work. Her work is influenced by rural Ontario life.

Ginette Bellehumeur
Artisan and founder of her own company, Ginette Bellehumeur offers us a collection of necklaces, bracelets and other hand crocheted jewelry made of top quality materials with nickel-free fasteners.

Studio Laroche
Catherine Laroche’s ceramic works are inspired by the beauty, simplicity and tranquility of our everyday moments. She offers a collection of beautiful utilitarian hand-made objects.

THE CHENAIL CULTURAL CENTRE – The mission of the Chenail Cultural Centre is to promote arts, culture, and heritage and through its management of the Tourist Information Centre, tourism. The Chenail Cultural Centre Inc. surprises and captivates. It enriches the daily lives of the citizens of Hawkesbury through eye-opening cultural programming. These activities nurture creativity in all age groups, invite participation, and tie together members of the community.

The Chenail Cultural Centre was founded in 1975 under the name Le Chenail Inc. in the rush of the establishment of the first francophone cultural centres in Ontario. The CCC offers an extraordinary location for the community, having renovated the magnificent Maison de l’Île, a historic building dating back to 1832 in Confederation Park located on l’île du Chenail in Hawkesbury.