To The Editor,

Are you kidding me? This letter-writer’s attempt to critically analyze and add credence to a recent statement by US Attorney General William Barr is far-fetched.  I, and I should hope many others in this community, would invite the writer to review and broadly consider the history of slavery and systematic racism in both the US and Canada before making further comparisons of slavery to our present situation of government regulations and public health guidelines in these Covid-19 times.  To compare horseback whip carrying slave masters to baton holding Australian police on horseback is not only a stretch but ignores the context and history.  The only similarity is the horse. The answer, then, to the question, Was Mr. Barr Wrong?, posed at the end of the letter in support of Mr. Barr’s comment comparing the lock-downs and stay at home laws to slavery is “Yes, WRONG!”

Eva Levesque,