The economy may be in a slowdown but building statistics have been positive so far this year in the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet.  A report was presented at the July 14 council meeting, outlining the number of permits and value of construction in the municipality for the January to June period of 2020.

In June 2020, 32 building permits were issued compared to 21 permits in May 2019.  A total of 100 permits were issued from January to June in 2020, an increase from 63 permits during the same period in 2019.  Residential unit construction has increased significantly in 2020.  From January to May in 2019, 17 new residential dwellings were created in Alfred and Plantagenet.  That number has increased to 36 new residential dwellings between January and June in 2020.

As a result of the increased permit and construction activity, the dollar value of permits and construction has also increased for Alfred and Plantagenet.  In 2019, the value of construction in the municipality from January to June was $4,102,035.03.  In 2020, it was $7,270,614.07 during the same period.  The value of building permits issued between January and May in 2019 was $44,726.83.  Between January and May of 2020, it was $81,519.90.

The list of permits issued indicates that Alfred and Plantagenet property owners are following the trend of home improvement that has been common since the COVID-19 pandemic began.  Many of the reasons for the permits are the addition of backyard swimming pools, new patios, and garden gazebos.


Building permit statistics in Champlain Township so far in 2020 show the number of permits issued is down, but home renovations and other residential property improvements are popular.  There were 62 permits issued by the township in the month of May and the yearly revenue to the municipality for permits as of the end of May is down from 2019.  Permit revenue for the January to May period in 2019 was $75,302.  From January to May of 2020, it was $72,715.

The total value of construction in Champlain in May was $812,772.  Residential renovations compose most of that amount at $514,900 followed by residential swimming pools at $97,904.  The third-largest amount of the monthly value was $52,918 for new decks and sheds.


However, in the Town of Hawkesbury, the opposite appears to have occurred.  Between January and June in 2019, 124 building permits were issued and just 49 were issued from January to May of 2020.  Statistics are not yet available for the month of June.  The value of new construction in Hawkesbury between January and June in 2019 was $14,372,224.00.  The value for January to May of 2020 is $7,296,155.00.

The lower number of permits and lower construction value has also led to decreased building permit revenue for the town so far in 2020.  The permit revenue for January to June of 2019 was $222,386.69.  For January to May of 2020, the permit revenue was $114,778.43.

From January to May of 2020, the Town of Hawkesbury has issued four permits for new residential dwellings, 31 permits for residential additions or repairs, zero new commercial building permits, and 11 permits for additions or repairs to existing commercial buildings.  Zero permits have been issued by the town for new industrial or institutional buildings, however four permits were issued for additions or repairs to existing industrial buildings and one permit was issued for an addition or repair to an existing institutional building.