Local rock band Rude Mood’s first full-length album is now available and fans familiar with the group’s classic blues live performances will discover a shift to a more rock-oriented sound.

The self-titled record contains nine original tracks which feature the heavy rock format the band has developed while performing and writing new music. The rock format was a natural progression for the band, growing from the varied musical tastes of each of group’s four individual members.

“We all pretty much come from different musical backgrounds,” notes drummer Will Laurin, who along with lead guitarist Jessy Laughren co-wrote most of the tracks on the new album. “When we started writing for the new record we really didn’t want to put a label on anything, because we knew that we could all bring something to the table.”

Rude Mood’s 2017 EP Who I Am – although primarily a blues cover record – had as its title track an original song which gave a significant clue as to where the band was heading.

“On the first EP it is very much blues, but there is one song called Who I Am that we actually re-recorded for the album we just released. That song was more reflective of the new stuff so we added it on the new record.”

Although reluctant to slot Rude Mood into a specific genre, Laurin says the band’s new sound can best be described as rock, along the lines of many modern young artists who are performing in the style of classic-rock bands from bygone eras.

“We’re pretty influenced by bands like Greta Van Fleet and Dirty Honey,” Laurin explains. “There’s a lot of young-generation rock bands who are starting to bring back that style of guitar-riff based music.”

The band’s new album would not have been possible without the support of its followers, many of whom made donations to help fund the cost of the recording.

“I really want to give a shout-out to everyone who helped this project come to life,” Laurin said. “We were just blown away by the support we received, as we are by all of the support we get from in this area whenever we play.”

While based out of Lachute, the members of Rude Mood make their homes and workplaces throughout the area. Laurin lives in Vankleek Hill, guitarist Laughren and bassist Marie-Pier Titley reside in Brownsburg-Chatham, while lead-singer/guitarist Leandre Desrosiers Menard makes his home in Bois-de-Filion and during the day can be found behind the counter at Boucherie Menard in Hawkesbury.

Rude Mood’s new album became available for download at 12 am Friday, July 17, on most major music streaming platforms. The band is currently focusing primarily on physical sales of its CD copies of the record, which are available to order through their Facebook page Here or by contacting them via email at [email protected]. Cost of the CD is $20, including tax.

Laurin notes that while Rude Mood is currently unable to promote the album through shows due to the COVID-19 having basically shut down live performances, the band continues to interact with its followers through its internet presence. Releasing the record and being able to discuss the new music online or via email allows for more interaction and is one of the reasons the group members opted to put out the album now.

“A lot of people in the music industry didn’t really know how to release during a pandemic – is even it worth it to do that? – so there have not been a lot of new releases lately,” Laurin observed. “We decided it was better that we just put the music out, because I think now more than ever people just want to hear music – why just sit on it?”

He also expects a lot of great new releases to come out after the pandemic is over and believes in the long run music will thrive from the extended periods of isolation. “There’s a lot of talent out there and because of everyone having to stay indoors there is going to be a lot of great music coming out of this.”

With the album now available for purchase, Rude Mood is will be focusing on promotion online, recording video behind the scenes and planning to release an online concert. A live performance on their Facebook page is also in the works.