New rules are in effect for outdoor water use in La Nation.

Council met on June 22 and amended its water usage by-law.

All outdoor watering in Limoges had already been banned since June 17.  According to a report from Director of Water and Wastewater Doug Renaud, recent increases in use have caused operational challenges for the system.  Renaud explained that the ban was necessary in order to allow wells, reservoirs, and the water treatment plant to replenish.  The municipality also needs to maintain an adequate supply of water for firefighting.

Renaud’s report stated that the dry weather conditions and hot weather have led to increased water use, but that outdoor water use has also increased because of more people being at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, an outdoor watering ban could only be issued by a resolution of council.  The amendment to the by-law gives the Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer, and the Water and Sewer Director the authority to issue bans instead.

La Nation Council’s approval of the amendment to the water usage by-law was unanimous.

An outdoor watering ban using mechanical watering systems is in place in Clarence-Rockland, too.