Oktoberfest 2020 im Vankleek Hill.  Nein! But it will be back in 2021.

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, which presents the annual Oktoberfest celebration, has cancelled the 2020 event due to ongoing concerns over COVID-19.

The 2020 Beau’s Oktoberfest, which would have marked 12 years of the event,  was to take place on September 20 and 21 at the Vankleek Hill Fairgrounds.  Beau’s is now planning to hold the 2021 Oktoberfest at the same location on September 24 and 25 of that year.

The brewery stated that even though local COVID-19 transmission has decreased, there are still too many “unknowns” to risk going ahead with a large event.

Thousands of people usually attend Beau`s Oktoberfest each year with buses coming from Montréal, Ottawa, and Cornwall.  The event regularly attracts major entertainers as well.

The United Way Bike Ride usually held as part of Beau’s Oktoberfest will continue, but participants will take part independently.  Further information is available at  https://secure.e2rm.com/p2p/event/309104/en-CA Anyone interested in helping any of the community organizations that benefit from Oktoberfest fundraising each year can find more information at http://www.beausoktoberfest.ca/charitable-partners

“We know how much happiness Beau’s Oktoberfest weekend brings people; we see it on all your faces each year as you walk through the festival gates to meet up with friends and family. Stay hopeful, and stay tuned,”read a statement from the brewery.