Given the evolution of knowledge relating to the transmission of the coronavirus and the pandemic situation, the Québec Directorate General of Public Health agrees that the day camps can return to the usual facilitator-child ratios recommended by the Association des camps du Québec (ACQ) for the 2020 summer period.

This flexibility will provide more latitude for municipalities and organizations responsible for holding day camps in their recruitment efforts.

The usual ACQ ratios for day camps are as follows:

Age group


3-4 years–1:8

5-6 years—1:10

7-8 years—1:12

9-11 years—1:15

12-14 years—1:15

15-17 years old—1:15

Municipalities and organizations responsible for holding day camps will have to plan activities that promote compliance with the rules of distance and help ensure the application of increased hygiene measures.