The Town of Hawkesbury ended 2019 with an operating surplus of $251,892 with a library surplus of $26,012, for a total operating surplus of $277,904, compared with a total operating surplus of $65,391 at the end of 2018.

Council received its year-end financial statements as part of a council meeting during May 2020.

Taxation revenues for 2019 were $18,224,916, compared with $17,662,355 in 2018. After deducting the amounts collected on behalf of school boards and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, the town was left with $10,895,628 in taxation revenues, compared with $10,406,517 in 2018.

User fees, provincial and federal grants, licenses and permits, investment income, penalties and interest, fines and equity earnings from Hawkesbury Hydro brought the town’s revenues to $23,501,287.

The town’s expenses included $2,043,642 for general government, $5,475,144 for protection to persons and property, $4,014,551 for transportation services, $6,545,264 for environmental services, $2,382,841 for recreation and cultural services and $435,915 for planning and zoning.

In 2019, the Town of Hawkesbury received $826,023 in federal gas tax, compared with $163,839 in 2018.

Salaries, wages and benefits totalled $7,635,152 for 2019, compared with $7,751,904 in 2018. The town paid $575,813 in interest, compared with $541,417 in 2018. It paid $5,141,337 for materials, compared with $4,722,693 in 2018. Contracted services cost the town $4,271,584 in 2019, compared with $4,538,578 in 2018. Amortization of tangible capital assets cost the town $3,273,471 in 2019, compared with $3,143,651 in 2018.

The town’s sanitary sewer system operations ended the year with a $44,277 deficit. This was an improvement over 2018, when the town ended 2018 with a $117,188 shortfall.

Revenues for the sanitary sewer system included $2,357,919 in 2019, $17,651 in user fees and $303,333 from the Province of Ontario, for a total of $2,678,903. Expenses totalled $2,723,180 to create the 2019 deficit of $44,277.

The accumulated surplus at the beginning of the year was $35,544,325. The deficit reduced the accumulated surplus to $34,500.048.

Hawkesbury’s waterworks system ended 2019 with a $180,397 surplus, compared to $636,987 in 2018.

Total revenues, which included direct water billings, the sale of water (including to other municipalities like Champlain Township) and a provincial grant brought the 2019 revenues to $2,654,514. The sale of water earned the town $483,617, while direct water billings were $1,867,564 in 2019.

Expenses for the waterworks totalled $2,474,117.

The town ended the year with a $19,575,564 surplus, compared with $19,395,167 at the end of 2018.