A municipal and Conservation Authority commitment to improve local forest cover saw both the South Nation (SNC) and Raisin Region (RRCA) Conservation Authorities partner with municipalities from across their watershed jurisdictions to safely distribute 17,500 free trees to local residents through May.

Approximately 1,500 trees were distributed in each municipality to people who registered online for a chance to receive free tree seedlings. The trees were delivered or distributed through contact-free pickup locations in each participating municipality across the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG), Prescott and Russell (UCPR), and Leeds and Grenville.

Additional tree giveaways are being planned by SNC and RRCA for the fall for the City of Ottawa, the City of Cornwall, and the Township of South Glengarry.

Over 180,000 native trees and shrubs were also planted by the Conservation Authorities across their watershed jurisdictions in Eastern Ontario this spring through various forestry programs, restoration initiatives, and municipal and community partnerships.

SNC planted 140,000 trees across SDG, UCPR, Leeds and Grenville and the City of Ottawa. RRCA planted nearly 40,000 trees across SDG and the City of Cornwall.

Marking a major milestone for the Authority this year, RRCA planted its 1 millionth tree since 1990; SNC has since planted 3.3 million trees across its jurisdiction.

This year, 17,250 tree seedlings were planted by 137 residents at a reduced rate through over-the-counter tree sales subsidized by the Conservation Authorities.

Nearly 100,000 trees were planted by SNC and RRCA across 43 properties through Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program, which is primarily administered throughout the province by Conservation Authorities, and offers property owners with seedlings, planting services, and site preparation and tending for larger planting projects at a reduced rate.

SNC planted over 50,000 trees in Larose Forest, the second-largest man-made community forest in Ontario, owned and managed by UCPR.

Hundreds of additional trees were also planted through habitat restoration and recovery initiatives, SNC’s Ash Tree Replacement Program in the City of Ottawa, and tree planting events last fall.

“We’re proud to be adding so many native trees and shrubs to the local landscape in Eastern Ontario. We hope this work will help create both a greener summer and future,” said Taylor Campbell, SNC’s Communications Specialist.

Although this year’s spring planting season is over, SNC and RRCA are already looking ahead and booking site visits with property owners for their 2021 projects.

“Contact us soon to learn more about our tree planting services and available subsidies,” added Lisa Van De Ligt, RRCA’s Communications Specialist.

SNC and the RRCA are two of Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities, working to protect and restore the local environment, protect people and property from natural hazards, and support sustainable development activities throughout their watershed jurisdictions in Eastern Ontario.

SNC’s 4,441 square-kilometre jurisdiction is made up of 16 member municipalities across SDG, UCPR, Leeds and Grenville, and the City of Ottawa. More information on SNC’s tree planting programs and services can be found at www.nation.on.ca.

RRCA’s 1,680 square-kilometer jurisdiction is made up of 5 member municipalities across SDG, and the City of Cornwall. More information on RRCA’s tree planting programs and services can found at www.rrca.on.ca.