Community Improvement Plan being undertaken for Champlain Township

J. L. Richards & Associates Limited will be undertaking a Community Improvement Plan for Champlain Township, at a cost of $15,698 excluding HST.

Champlain Township senior planner Jennifer Laforest wrote in her report that the plan will promote economic development in the community’s settlement areas. “Economic development is required to ensure that Champlain’s historic villages, upon which so much of the community’s collective memory lies, continue to be culturally rich, economically vibrant and appealing to both tourists and residents.”

The project will take place in two phases. The first phase involves the completion of background studies and draft mapping of areas. The second phase will involve public consultation, workshops and an open house. All activities will have to take place in accordance with the COVID-19 restrictions but LaForest says that the information gathered as part of the plan may be of help to the township for recovery from the pandemic situation.

Community Improvement Plans can encourage sustainable development, can manage growth and can enable municipalities to provide grants and loans for targeted projects.

According to the township’s senior planner, “Community Improvement Plans are long term documents.  They can last 15-20 years.  They can be periodically/procedurally updated when we update the Official Plan or Zoning By-Laws. Once the project is underway and we have carried out public consultation we will have a better idea of the community goals, and how to monitor and review the program delivery over time.”

The contract amount does not include disbursements from the contractor.

This document can be seen on the the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website.

Louise Sproule

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