A Hawkesbury company has joined the cause of ensuring there is enough personal protective equipment for front-line workers who are vulnerable to COVID-19 exposure.

Tulmar Safety Systems, which already specializes in safety and survival equipment for both military and civilian aviation, is now manufacturing transparent face shields at its facility on Cameron Street in Hawkesbury.

During the recent weeks, Tulmar’s design team has collaborated with staff at Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) to develop a face shield that can be sanitized and reused multiple times.  The first shields became available this week and are being delivered to HGH for use by staff.

“This experience brought together teams of people who normall don’t work together, and it was for achieving a common goal,” said Tulmar Owner and CEO Barney Bangs.

Tulmar President and Chief Operating Officer Patrick Tallon thanked the company’s employees for their efforts in making the face shield project come to fruition.

“The resourcefulness they demonstrated and the timely responsiveness of key personnel at HGH is what allowed us to come up with this unique solution,” said Tallon.

Tulmar is also donating some of the new transparent face shields to the Hawkesbury Fire Department for firefighters to use in their encounters with the public during emergency calls.