A solo “walker race” replacing Ottawa Race Weekend’s Lumberjack Marathon, which was cancelled due to Coronavirus.

To be Coronavirus safe I’m “walker racing” from home and will be maintaining a safe distance of up to 13-km – “walker racing” the Glen Robertson Road between Alexandria and Glen Robertson. I have been training on the Glen Robertson Road since April of 2019 because the route is safe with enough climbing to ready my body for any distance. To prepare for last year’s Alzheimer’s 100-km Wobbly-Walk-a-Walk-a-thon I simply doubled up and made the trip out and back twice for a total of 52-km..It worked.

 This is not the first time Mother Nature stopped the racing

In 2016 part of the Ottawa Race Weekend marathon course closed early to ensure the slower runners made it back before they cooked.  I made it into Gatineau Park before the course was closed and completed my first ever full, 42.2-km marathon “walker race” at the age of 65.  The problem was the 40c heat which downed many of the runners.  I completed the race and recovered in the hospital tent.

In 2017  Montreal Rock ’n Roll Marathon was cancelled because of the 40 c heat and  organizers chose to start the half marathon 2 hours early  to ensure those runners  made it home before they cooked and so we were a very large  group of 18,644 half marathoners.  It was reported there were 900 runners down due to the heat.

What is the Ottawa Race Weekend Lumberjack Marathon? The Lumberjack Marathon is a two- day event starting on day one with a 2-km race, followed by a 5-km race and finishing with a 10-km race. Day two is a full, 42.2-km marathon. This would have been my first Lumberjack marathon and my seventh full, 42.2-km marathon.

My first full marathon racing my walker was the very hot Ottawa Race weekend 2016. I was 65 years of age and had been walker Racing since 2014.

Bob Hardy, The Walker Runner’s inaugural Glengarry 59-km Lumberjack marathon route

On the 23rd May I will be “walker racing” from my house, 63 Sandfield Avenue North, to Glen Robertson Road House and return – a total of 26-km.

On the 24th May I will be race walking from my house to Glen Robertson Road and return, a total of 26-km, and completing the final 7-km in town.

The 7-km route in Alexandria with safe distancing. I’m not using Main Street, just crossing at two points.

From my house. South on Sandfield and Boundary Road East to First Street. West on First Street, cross Main Street to Tim Horton’s (without stopping) and continue west to Boundary Road West. North to Lochiel. East on Lochiel to Sandfield. North on Sandfield to the finish line at my house.

I have to be careful because I’m a high risk individual with a compromised immune system post Leukemia, blood clots and more.

Last September’s virus put me out of action for about six weeks, slowed my Toronto Waterfront Marathon and delayed the Alzheimer’s 100-km Wobbly-Walk-a-Walk-a-thon till November. So, I’m extra careful.

Before the Ottawa Race weekend was cancelled I had discussed with the race organizers my own alternative Lumberjack Marathon option which should have been a 100-km race walk. Because of recent health problems I decided to save the 100-km for my Alzheimer Wobbly-Walker-Walk-a-thon in August, or until I am fully fit again.

I have not been well in the last few weeks. Nothing to do with the virus, just fatigue, balance, shaking and the reasons I race my HUGO ELITE ROLLATOR.  The Rollator keeps me upright and my hands can’t shake while I’m gripping the aero bars.

My Run for a Reason, Reason !

To raise funds for Little Angels  Blood Cancer fund. Part of the Ottawa Hospital Foundation www.little-angels.ca

Little Angels support patients in need.

Here is a donation link; you can obtain an instant tax receipt.

I do have hard copy pledge forms which I prefer not to use.  If you require a hard copy pledge form call me at 613-361-0504 and I will arrange to mail you a stamped and addressed envelope with pledge form

It’s not a good time for fundraising. We are all focused on the Corona virus.

I’ve been through leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. It was a two year physical and financial nightmare. I mortgaged my house and used my RRSPs then paid the price in taxes.

Why? Hundreds of emergency trips to the Ottawa BMT Unit @ 200-km a trip plus parking at $17/day

Very expensive medications not covered by OHIP. Started with Interferon at $650 every 2 weeks

With Coronavirus it is even worse.

From 2000-2002 I was president of Little Angels and raised $25,000 in my first year with three events.

August 2000. Black belt Bob. A jiu-jitsu demonstration and tae-bo-a-thon at GDHS, Alexandria, hosted by the late and great Max Keeping. Max Keeping attended nearly all Little-Angels events. I was thrown around, kicked and punched by my youngest daughter, Leah, who’s now also a black belt.

February 2001. Curling Bonspiel in Lancaster, working with the late Amie Ward. Amie had both breast cancer and Leukemia at the time but still insisted on working with me on the Little Angel’s event.

  1. Rideau Lakes Bicycle tour. A 354-km bicycle ride from Ottawa to Kingston and back. My first of seven. In 2008 I had to stop because my hip had to be replaced. I had the hip replacement in November 2009.