To The Editor,

So many changes, where will they take us? It’s scary to see so much money and power in flux… huge financial decisions, new government programs, restrictions on movement, prohibition on gathering, plus fear of illness.  With household budgets strained, we are consuming and travelling less and staring endlessly at screens. I’m watching and wary, and not only of the virus. Where will these changes take us? The massive effort to save lives and save our economy can, conceivably, bring us more democracy, more social justice and less income disparity. I want the new economy to restore environmental health and support a comfortable income for everyone. I want accountability in new programs. Is that happening? We need to pay attention and build kindness into the architecture of Canadian society.

Many of us are working less, driving less, cooking together, playing games, taking long walks. We’re grateful and powerless to help those who carry the burden of essential work and child care. Some days, the imposed isolation feels like a welcome opportunity to find satisfaction in calm, solitude and family. Most days, I miss gathering. As do many people. We worry and fear for ourselves and loved ones. Kindness helps. It feels warm, it connects and we can do it when we try. Pay attention, be kind.

Lynn Ovenden,