The Mayor of Clarence-Rockland issued a statement today to encourage citizens to stay strong, but he also noted with disappointment that waste had been dumped in the Larose Forest.

Here is his message: “I would like to take a few moments to sincerely thank you for your patience and collaboration during these difficult times.
Like you, I am looking forward to getting back to normal life. I miss going to the office every day and discussing municipal matters with the employees. I also miss chatting with residents on the sidewalks, at the supermarket or at the restaurant.

However, I continue to work for you. I am still in contact with Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, from the Health Unit, to discuss obtaining a COVID-19 screening centre in Clarence- Rockland. I will keep you updated of any developments.

Most of you follow the social distancing guidelines to the letter, and I thank you.

With the nice weather coming, it must not be easy to stay at home and tell the children that they cannot go outside and play with their friends. If we continue to follow the Health Unit’s instructions, we will soon be able to start enjoying life’s little treats like going out to lunch with friends and making non-essential purchases.

We must not forget that many of our businesses are waiting for the end of the pandemic to reopen. These businesses need your support.
I was very disappointed to learn that a pile of waste was recently dumped in the Larose Forest. I know that closing the municipal landfill to the public can cause inconveniences, but now is not the time to increase the burden on municipal services, which are already facing many challenges. If you witness such behaviour, please let us know by leaving a message at 613-446-6022 or by email at
[email protected].

Continue to be patient and take this situation seriously. It is going to be OK.”