To The Editor,

An uneducated teenager from Sweden is preaching that we will all die in two years from flooding, fires, cold or heat if we will not “save” the environment. The Time magazine makes her a “Person of the Year” for her “vision and achievements”. The Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, and Queens are proud to meet her. The United Nations is issuing all kinds of scary reports that the world is coming to an end. And all of them seem to agree that the only liberator is taxes. Carbon taxes. Not the plans of what to do with incoming disasters. No emergency measures, no ban on waterfront housing, no changes in building codes, no evacuation plans, no vision of emergency infrastructures, no regulation on forest cutting, no regulations on oil extraction, nothing but a miracle of a carbon tax. Meanwhile, this is happening. Pattee Road, Hawkesbury, January 2020. The reality check of a politician’s hypocrisy. Thirty acres of the old forest, some trees 100 years old, are annihilated. We all can pay all kinds of taxes, for the artificial reasons for “saving the planet”. Yet, the same government, which imposes all of these taxes upon us, is allowing clear-cutting.

Because the owner of the land, the sacred cow of farming, is allowed to do it. In the name of feeding the people. Honorable cause indeed. But really? Feeding the people or perhaps being part of global business feeding China? So we, Canadians, are paying carbon tax to save the planet, regardless that we are just a small fraction of the global problem and no matter how big taxes we are paying, the planet will not be saved by us alone. China, India, South America, Asia are the biggest polluters. We are nothing compare to them. And while the whole politically correct world is preaching an artificial global warming scam in order to collect our money, nobody seems to care about what’s going on in the small scale. Here. In our county. No Green Party visible. No environmental warriors. No cameras. No politicians. Our representatives. Nobody. And trees have no rights. They’re dying in silence. Animals have nowhere to go but to perish. Where is Greta? Oh, but wait. Sure she can’t be here since all her propaganda is paid by Rockefeller Foundation. The big oil guys. The big business who are the real power.

And to add salt to the injury, the owner of this land, here in beautiful Ontario, is a farmer from Quebec. And a contractor clearing this land is also from the Belle Province. Welcome to multilevel hypocrisy, from global warming to interprovincial trade. And the trees? Who cares….

Bogdan Michalski,