To The Editor,

I am an 83-year-old male and have been driving all types of vehicle, farm tractors, trucks etc. etc.  I currently drive a 2017 Subaru Impreza and am experiencing difficulty when approaching oncoming vehicles equipped with LED head lights.  Last week, I contacted my insurance broker, the insurance bureau of Canada, my member of parliament and the SAAQ.  And Now you.

Everyone agrees and sympathizes with my complaint that it is sometimes very difficult to see past these vehicles when approaching them at night.

The centre height of the lights on my car is 27 inches, my eye level is 42 inches above road level, and the height of the lights of my son’s new GMC truck is 44 inches. As a result when meeting a vehicle like this at night results in having to slow down effecting any traffic following me. Danger are that if anyone is walking road side, or if there are some other unseen danger, they would be missed due to this hazard. My argument is that with the increased intensity of these new headlights, at least manufacturers should be able to design a product that does not represent such an on-road hazard.

Headlights do not have to be at the top of the front fenders, low-beam does nothing but in many cases add another two lights to cope with.  I wonder what the stats are about accidents as a result of theses light and have there been any deaths?

Those that I spoke to last week agreed that there is a definite problem, Pintos, Corsair, and others were removed from the road because they were unsafe, and there is a safety concern. What does it take to have changes made to the vehicles on the road and for future vehicles.

Ken Draycott,
Cushing, Quebed