There was a case of road rage — kind of — at the East Hawkesbury council meeting on December 9.

Residents of Concession 1 between County Road 14 and Grande Montée were unhappy about trucks traveling past their homes to deposit fill on a nearby property.  They also alleged that the trucks were leaving debris on the road, blocking traffic, and damaging the gravel surface.

“We need the road clean there!” said resident Barry Charbonneau.

He and neighbour Keith Boa also questioned if the fill being deposited on the property was being placed there legally.

“I will give you a guarantee the road will be cleaned,” said Mayor Robert Kirby.

The mayor said no amount of debris left on a road is acceptable.  The residents said they have been collecting pieces of brick.

In a separate interview, Alain Mallette, who owns the property where the fill is being deposited, said he is having it placed there in order to improve a lowland area where he plans to have livestock and grow hay next year.  He said he built a house on the property this year and that the fill being deposited is clean and from unused farmland in Vaudreuil.

“Why would I want to bring contaminated ground where I live?” asked Mallette.

He said the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks has been notified and that it had no issues with the fill being transported and deposited on the property.

Mallette was not sure when he may stop having the fill shipped to his land.

Mayor Kirby and Roads Superintendent Jean-François Santerre were planning to visit the affected section of Concession 1 on the morning of December 10 to assess the situation and ensure appropriate action was taken.