The United Way is strong in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.  On September 24, United Way East Ontario officially revealed its new name and a permanent home for plaques honouring its award recipients.

United Way East Ontario is the result of efforts that began in 2017 to merge the United Way organizations in Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark, and Renfrew.

Agata Michalska, the Regional Director for the United Way in Prescott-Russell said the amalgamation was not highly publicized when the process began.  She explained that the merger was not a challenge because the needs the United Way assists are tailored to each community.  In Prescott-Russell, the United Way assists 10 to 12 organizations that are mostly involved in assisting children, resolving poverty, helping the disabled, and promoting healthy communities.

Two new plaques were unveiled in the lobby of the United Counties of Prescott-Russell administration building in L’Orignal containing the names of past, present, and future recipients of the J-P St-Pierre Award and the La Lumière Award that the United Way presents each year to citizens considered to be community builders who advocate for the social well-being of the region.  The J-P St-Pierre Award is named after a late Mayor of Russell Township and former Prescott-Russell Warden who died in 2014.  The La Lumière Award was established in honour of the late Lucie Brunet.  The plaques at the counties building are part of a series of Walls of Inspiration that were unveiled across the United Way East Ontario territory on September 24.