The municipality of Brownsburg-Chatham is looking for a new director of its urban planning and sustainable development service.

On October 1, council officially approved the resignation of Danielle Cyr.  Director-General Hervé Rivet said Cyr’s resignation was submitted on September 17 and took effect on October 3.

In August, council approved a project to analyze and revise the mission of the service in order to better meet the needs of citizens.

Rivet said Cyr is relocating to another urban planning department in a municipality north of Montréal and her departure has nothing to do with the reorganization taking place in the department in Brownsburg-Chatham.

School zone

Council approved an application to the Ministère des transports du Québec on October 1 to have it consider safety improvements to the school zone on Route 148 near the primary school in St-Philippe.

Rivet explained that the changes could mean a lower speed limit, and the addition of electronic signage, photo radar, and more school zone signage in the area.

Dam work

Council has officially approved a project to demolish and rebuild the McNaughton Dam at Lac Lawrence.  Rivet estimated the cost of the project will be $772,000 but is hoping it can be done for less than $600,000.  The Québec government is covering 66 per cent of the project cost.