“I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees,” said the character in the Dr. Seuss book.  The Lorax would be happy about a plan to plant trees on public property in Champlain Township.

On September 10, council agreed to accept 2,000 tree seedlings to plant on a 2.35-acre property it owns in the Pilon subdivision in L’Orignal.  The trees are being supplied through the 50 Million Tree Program, which was originally delivered by the Ontario government.  The province cancelled the program earlier this year, but the federal government revived it.

Councillor Violaine Tittley said the tree planting would be beneficial for future generations.

South Nation Conservation will supervise the planting and growth of the trees.  The land was once forested but the trees were cut down.

Councillor Peter Barton was also supportive of the idea but recommended a maximum amount of money be spent on the trees, and that they be a mix of coniferous/evergreen and deciduous (i.e. maple, oak).

Barton suggested a cost no higher than $750 and council agreed.  Deciduous trees cost 50 cents each and conifers cost 20 cents each.

South Nation Conservation will develop a site survey, planting plan, and preparation work, which includes brush cutting, and an application of herbicide in the fall to control vegetation.  The actual planting will take place in the spring of 2020.  South Nation Conservation will also do follow-up assessments on the survival of the trees in the first, second, and fifth years after planting.  All of those services are included in the price of each tree.