The Chambre de commerce et d’Industrie of Argenteuil (CCIA) announced on September 9 a new green initiative for local businesses. The initiative implementing solutions for businesses to have more environmentally-friendly habits.

“All too often businesses try to switch to cleaner habits but don’t know how and thus, do not succeed,” according to a representative from CCIA.

The initiative will be supervised by an independent committee and will encourage many solutions, including hiring local employees so they can travel a shorter distance to work, resulting in fewer emissions. Converting from fossil fuels to electricity is another solution.

“Quebec has the lowest electricity prices in any state in North America. So it makes sense that electricity is the best power source for businesses looking for alternatives.” The Quebec provincial ministry of environmental protection and the fight against climate change will be enforcing the initiative and Argenteuil says, “It’s a way to encourage businesses to get involved.”