There will soon be an official path to follow for road trippers seeking to experience the agriculturally-based tourism attractions Prescott and Russell counties has to offer.

The counties have received a $23,000 grant from the Ontario government’s Rural Economic Development (RED) program to assist with the development of a food and agrotourism route.

According to Economic Development and Tourism Director Carole Lavigne, the grant will be used to conduct a study on which local agriculturally-based businesses are prepared to receive visitors.

A consultant will be hired by the counties for the study.  The consultant will be selected through the tendering process and qualifications will be based on expertise in the areas of agriculture, food, and tourism.

Lavigne expects the study to begin in August and the consultant’s report to be delivered in December or January with a list of attractions and recommended route.

Development of the route is part of Prescott-Russell’s participation in a larger project of developing an international agri-food tourism route that also includes nearby regions of Québec, New York, and Vermont.

Lavigne said the new route in Prescott-Russell could also be part of the larger Champlain Route that offers travelers similar experiences in experiencing local food.