Support from Champlain Township for flood victims: construction permits free for those affected by 2019 flooding

Champlain Township’s building department will not charge flood victims for construction permits if the work relates to demolition, reconstruction or renovations needed due to Ottawa River flood damage.

It is mandatory, however, to apply for a permit for demolition, reconstruction and renovation of properties.

The permit is essential for monitoring the work and updating the assessment of your property, according to the township.

In the building department report dated May 8, 2019, the by-law department reported that water damages can be more serious than people imagine. Contaminated water infiltrated inside a home, underneath wooden floors in a basement and inside insulated walls, if not repaired properly, can lead to mold growth and bad smells in a basement, leading to illness of the occupants.

Because some homeowners might not have complete insurance to do the repairs, some might decide to do so on their own. Waiving the requirement for a  permit fee might provide financial relief and obtain more voluntary compliance, according to the report. Ensuring that the job is done right is also another plus, according to the building department, which outlines a brief overview of the process, which includes: removing all damaged materials, drying all lumber components which will remain in place, disinfecting properly, treating the lumber to prevent reoccurring of mold growth, re-installation of insulation and vapor-barrier and then refinishing (drywall,  paint and flooring) on the interior. An estimate of the total building fees represented by the needed repairs was $1,500 to $2,000, according to the report.

Before you begin any work, contact the township building department Office at 613-675-4727.

Louise Sproule

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