Township takes no action on ad bags

And . . . survey says? Well, the results were inconclusive.

Last month, Champlain Township councillor André Roy asked if any rules were in place for flyers distributed via door-to-door delivery in Champlain. What emerged from that Committee of the Whole discussion was the suggestion for a survey on the municipality’s Facebook page.

At its May 7 Committee of the Whole meeting, council learned that 54 people responded to the survey. 75 per cent of those who voted said there should be regulations in place for ad bags (Publicsacs)  and 25 per cent said no to the idea.

One person called the township to vote no. She had heard about the survey but does not use Facebook. She said she did not want to lose the flyers and said several seniors agreed with her.

A commenter said that an opt-out option would be appreciated and that while the commenter did “find use for the paper the odd time, it’s not worth the weekly waste. Also, I’m not sure to what degree the township could regulate something like this, but perhaps bringing some awarneness of general safety, local traffic and small children to the delivery person who drives up and backs out of every single driveway in a residential area.”

Councillors pointed out that people could opt out of the ad bags; a further survey was suggested and Champlain Township Mayor Normand Riopel said that if people felt strongly about the issue, a petition could be undertaken by residents.

Champlain Township currently has 528 followers on its Facebook page.

Louise Sproule

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