There has been a significant decrease in water levels in all affected flood area of Lachute, says the municipality, which says it does not anticipate any increase during the next few days.

But because there is still a lot of snow to the north of the Rivière du Nord watershed and the lakes are still not open yet, it is quite possible that a second flood could happen. A second wave of high water levels is normally the case, says the municipality, which is advising residents who have been or are affected to keep their sand dikes in place against the flood (sandbags, plastic, etc.).

Residents are reminded that they should call 1-800-565-0911 for municipal emergencies and 911 for all other types of emergencies.

For residents who have been affected or have suffered damage to their property or housing, it is important to contact the Ministry of Public Safety (MSP) very quickly to open a file at 1-888-643-2433. The opening of this file will allow you to apply for the support provided by the government and to begin the process for compensation offered by the MSP.

In addition, the City of Lachute is working with the MSP to provide the best possible service to those affected by the implementation of the Government’s “General Compensation and Disaster Financial Assistance Program”. Thus, the City will be in charge of completing the damage reports. To this end, we invite the victims to communicate with the reception of the Town Hall to give your contact information allowing the team of the Directorate of Urbanism to contact you to activate your claim file and invite you to an information session on the government’s “General Compensation and Disaster Financial Assistance Program”. Flood victims should document events as they happen.

Service for evacuees

The City of Lachute and the Municipality of Saint-André-d’Argenteuil, in partnership with the MRC d’Argenteuil, will keep the regional emergency shelter at the Kevin-Lowe / Pierre-Pagé Arena at 80 Hamford Avenue in Lachute open as long as necessary. The Red Cross is on hand to welcome the victims. Psychosocial support is available on site for those who need it. All evacuated residents to register in the emergency shelter, even if they do not plan to stay there. The shelter can be used to spend the night, but also for respite, showers, a meal, or obtain support.

The City’s emergency management team will remain mobilized for the next several days in order to follow the evolution of the flood in order to ensure the safety of all Lachute and Lachute residents. Additional information will be provided regarding the management of debris and sandbags which cannot be reused for other personal purposes. A major clean-up is expected to begin shortly. The City of Lachute is appealing to volunteers to support the disaster victims in post-flood 2019. Unfortunately, once the water is removed for good, there will still be a lot of work to be done. You can follow the information that will be updated regularly on various platforms, including Facebook, the application Voilà! and our website.