Established in Canada in April 1998 by the League of Canadian Poets, National Poetry Month brings together schools, publishers, booksellers, literary organizations, libraries and poets from across the country to celebrate poetry and its vital place in Canada’s culture.

This year the Champlain Library is organizing an event to celebrate.  Local authors Susan Jephcott and Samme Putzel will be reading excerpts from their books on Wednesday April 10th at 1:30 pm at the library.

Vankleek Hill artist Susan Jephcott is originally from Hudson, Quebec and has been a painter all her life.  She started writing stories for her family and friends for their private amusement about 40 years ago.  The stories were inspired by real events and places so they are “almost true”.  After much encouragement from friends, Susan decided to share them along with some reproductions of her art in her book, The Tangerine Cat.  Susan will be reading from this book.

Putzel is a writer and artist living in Vankleek Hill, Ontario.  In addition to Fiddle for the Dead, two previous Emily Blossom Mysteries include Murder on the Hill and The Trouble with Friday.  She has also written and illustrated two poetry books – WAVES: Of thoughts and Like Shadows on a Cloudy Day. Samme will be reading poems from her books.

The readings will take place on Wednesday, April 10 at 1:30 p.m. in the Masonic Hall upstairs (above) the Champlain Library at 94 Main Street in Vankleek Hill. Space is limited, so please register in advance by calling the Library at 613-678-2216 or be email: [email protected]