Do you plan on sprucing up your property this spring? Consider ordering native tree and shrub seedlings from the Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA).

Every year, the RRCA offers a variety of deciduous trees and shrubs grown specifically for our local climate. Whether you are looking to plant a windbreak, attract wildlife, or simply add to your existing landscape, the RRCA has you covered.

Tree species are ordered in bundles of 10 and orders must be received by April 15, 2019. If you’re unsure which species are best suited to your property, the RRCA’s Forestry Specialist, Normand Génier, is available for guidance.

“We encourage landowners to plant native trees as they grow naturally in our region. Native trees require less maintenance since they are adapted to our local climate, soil moisture, and nutrients and have a greater chance of survival,” says Génier.

Génier adds that landowners can simply purchase trees to plant themselves or can take advantage of the RRCA’s full-service program for an additional fee, which may also include site preparation, tree planting, and survival monitoring.

Landowners with greater than 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of open land can apply for a tree planting subsidy. The RRCA has partnered with Forests Ontario under the 50 Million Tree Program, which aims to plant 50 million trees in Ontario by the year 2025. The Program offers trees and the RRCA’s full-service program at a reduced rate. Eligible landowners may receive up to 75% coverage of total planting costs through the Program.

Landowners can choose from 26 species ranging from coniferous trees such as white spruce and white pine to deciduous trees such as black walnut and maples. Native shrubs include serviceberry, black chokeberry, among many more. Tree and shrub seedlings range from $0.87/plant to $2.48/plant. Tree orders can be picked up at the RRCA’s office on May 4, 2019.

Visit to download a tree order form and for more information on the RRCA’s Forestry Services and incentive programs. For more information, contact Normand Génier, RRCA Forestry Specialist, (613) 938-3611 ext. 228, [email protected].