The Robert Hartley Sports Complex hosted the 35th annual Industrial Hockey Tournament on February 22 to 24. A total of 18 teams were registered in two divisions: the Industrial and the Workers divisions. IVACO Loisirs team won the Industrial A-Main title against the Hydro team by a 4-2 score. The B-Main victory went to the other IVACO USW team who defeated St-Jérome’s Papier Roland team. In the Workers class, the A-Main final victory went for the third year in a row to the “Profs’” team (the Teachers). The Teachers team only allowed one goal per game to their rivals. As for the B-Main final, Casselman’s Maxi Power team went home as the 2019 champions.

The 35th annual Industrial Hockey Tournament will resume next weekend as 19 teams in three more divisions will play for the titles in the 18+, 35+ and the Women’s divisions.

Text and photos by S.Lauwers



The A-Main Industrial Ivaco USW team.

The A – Main workers Maxi Power Team.