The mayor of La Nation is not commenting further about a statement released by the municipality regarding previous coverage in The Review and other publications in the region over a municipal expense.

But François St-Amour he is standing by the statement, when asked about it on Wednesday, January 9.

That morning, the municipality indicated it had not intended to demonstrate a lack of transparency and openness to its citizens when a $253,838 payment was approved in October as a settlement regarding preliminary work for the new Limoges sports complex and community centre.

The expense was listed simply as being “as per closed session.”

The statement from the municipality insists that it was following the rules and that the expense was only approved in a closed session because the nature of it warranted one.

Municipal councils are permitted to hold closed sessions if a matter involves litigation or potential litigation, among other things.

“We would like to assure you that all of the information that we are allowed to disclose will always be shared with you,” said the statement, which further read that due to the subject, “it is impossible to disclose any information without facing potential legal consequences.”

In April 2018, La Nation council terminated an agreement with St-Joseph Property Management to jointly develop the complex.

It is unclear if St-Joseph sought any compensation from the municipality for the termination of the agreement.

The website address for the company is now a broken link and a call to the listed telephone number was answered with a recorded message from the phone company saying it has either changed or is no longer in service.

The statement from the municipality regarding concerns over transparency and authorizing concludes that no further comments will be released on the subject.

Controversies over the payment and its approval in closed session stem from a Municipal Freedom of Information Act request filed by Limoges resident Dave Mushing.

In a move related to the Limoges sports complex and community centre, La Nation council moved a step closer at its January 7 meeting to having a design for the facility.

Four architecture firms had previously been selected to submit possible designs.

At the meeting, council asked each of them to submit their designs and one of them will be selected.

St-Amour said a domed facility is only one possibility, they are also interested in other types of structures and designs.

The municipality will review the submissions from each firm and award the architectural contract through the request for proposal process (RFP) on March 15.

A detailed design will be finalized over the summer.

Construction of the complex will go to tender in January 2020 with a target completion date of December 31 of that year.