The town of Hawkesbury wants to clarify some numbers associated with its 2019 budget.
Council unanimously passed the budget on January 14, 2019 with a small tax increase after two years of no increases.
The actual tax rate—or mill rate increase is 1.95 per cent, not 4.05 per cent.
The mill rate increase, however, will bring an estimated 4.05 per cent more revenue into the town’s coffers in 2019.
The $27.7-million budget includes $15.4 million in operating costs and $6.4 million for capital projects.
The “average” property in Hawkesbury is valued at $160,021 and 2018 taxes for a property of that value were $1,668.90 in 2018. Property taxes for those “average” properties will be $1,721.74, or $52.84 more, in 2019.