Are you passionate about your local environment? Is your New Year’s resolution to get involved in your community?

South Nation Conservation (SNC) is seeking local volunteers who are interested in sitting on committees or helping with a variety of the Conservation’s Authority’s activities across its 4,384 square-km jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario.

“Donating your time and energy to a non-for-profit environmental organization can be extremely rewarding” explains John Mesman, SNC’s Communications Lead.

“Your involvement, big or small, is important in protecting our local environment, and it can make a difference in your community.”

Volunteers are needed starting next spring to help with park cleanup; fish, wildlife and water monitoring; habitat restoration; tree planting, and events. Volunteer hours will be approved by SNC for participating high school students.

SNC has several properties where volunteers can act as eyes and ears on the ground as forest stewards. Forest stewards receive training and assist SNC in the management of forests by monitoring assigned properties in the vicinity of where they live.

The Conservation Authority also operates four committees made up of volunteers within its 16-member municipalities. They review projects being developed by staff and offer recommendations to be presented to the SNC Board of Directors.

“You don’t need an environmental background to volunteer with SNC” adds Mesman. “We’re always looking for new people with fresh ideas.”

In addition to volunteer opportunities, SNC is the leading summer student employer in the region. Local students gain experience working in the forest, conducting environmental monitoring, and delivering education programs.

Students interested in summer employment opportunities with SNC are encouraged to check the Conservation Authority’s website in the coming weeks for opportunities in 2019.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Taylor Campbell, SNC Communications Specialist, 1-877-984-2948 ext. 296, [email protected].