To The Editor,

I’d like to think that times are changing. I sense that the feelings that I have felt before, the anti-citizen, anti-idea, anti-progressive and anti-accountability days are behind us. I feel as though we have entered into a new era, one that doesn’t speak of despair, dislike, anger, sadness and distrust. These days feel as though they are behind us. Completely. I’d like to think, and how I actually feel, that we have transcended into a new model of local possibilities. One that looks to improve the lives of all from a financial and cultural perspective. I feel as if we have the makings of a potential that is going to see that potential realized. We have become a new and better example of what we want us to be.

I attended the swearing-in ceremony of the new council in Hawkesbury on December 3, 2018. The delivery and progress of that the ceremony achieved, under the leadership of Paula Assaly, was fast, efficient and professional. Everyone that attended seemed proud and pleased by the whole event. It represented a new decorum that we so desperately needed.

I mention this as a direct contrast to what we had been living through, in terms of general feelings about our municipality. I, and many others, had felt as though we were living within a municipality that could have been so much more. We felt as though now we can be that beacon to our citizens, our close neighbours that incorporate our local communities, our close friends, our friends in neighbouring Quebec and those thousands of people traveling through our beautiful region, each day, that tell them that we are open and ready to help them make their lives better. And when they take their moment to investigate what we are and what we have to offer, they will be impressed. They will see that what we have is something that they want. The only path we can follow id one of inclusion rather than exclusion.

On this evening I brought our boys and one in particular, as they have been part of this civil exercise in municipal politics, asked if he was dreaming and had Paula, as he refers to her, who has been nothing but kind, compassionate and interested in what he has had to say over the years, actually become mayor. It was clearly an important moment in his life. Up until that moment, Max had never seemed all that positive about the future here and now he is showing happiness and relief. We have all been living under a depressed administration, to say the least.

I am confident that Hawkesbury’s new council will deliver on the majority of promises it has made. Only time will tell but my feelings are solid and positive. I hope and pray that each of us feel the same and jump on the bandwagon of that fundamental desire to improve ourselves as people and as a community.

Congratulations and best wishes to those elected. To those that have retired, I wish you health and happiness and best wishes on your new endeavors.

Stephen Sockett,