The holiday season is always a busy time for the Hawkesbury Central Food Bank.

While many are dealing with the yearly hustle and bustle synonymous with Christmas and New Year’s Day, the Food Bank’s volunteer are gearing up in their own way, preparing for long hours of fund raising, food (and volunteer) gathering, Christmas basket preparations and more.



Two of the Hawkesbury Central Food Bank’s major fundraising activities is undoubtedly the grocery packing activity, which usually takes place at Laurin Independent Grocer and Walmart.

“Volunteers and friends of the Food Bank help pack groceries at the cash registers and from there we ask for donations – either food items or money,” explained François Petit, President of the Hawkesbury Central Food Bank.

“The Walmart event will be held on December 7 and 8, 2018,” added Petit.

The food bank depends on both volunteers and contributions to function.

“We do not receive any money from the government. A lot of people don’t know that,” said Petit.

Now that Christmas is around the corner, the Food Bank is preparing its Christmas Baskets endeavour. This program allows the Food Bank to help out many families in need, many of which have already come knocking.

“It’s a very busy time. On average, we feed around 225 families. Even though some don’t come to the food bank every month, they know that they can get a Christmas basket at this time of the year. I can tell you that this week, it was very busy and we simply couldn’t accommodate everybody,” said Petit.

The Hawkesbury Central Food Bank is currently asking the community for help – whether it be individuals or businesses. According to Petit, there are many ways to help.

“We have a program called ‘Adopt-a-Family’. You can make a financial donation and get a tax receipt for that or think about volunteering at the food bank and help the needy. If we all work together, the burden is much less heavy on everyone’s shoulders,” said Petit.

Anyone interested in making a donation can visit the Hawkesbury Central Food Bank directly at 548 Main Street East, in downtown Hawkesbury.

Throughout December, the food bank will be open Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm. The food bank can be reached by phone at 613 636-0666.

“We welcome your help, large or small, in any shape or form,” said Petit.