Local carpenter/woodworker/designer Rob Rump wants the community to know that Bespoke is back.

The local woodworking business was set up at the Creating Centre during the Vankleek Hill Artisan Fair.

Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery was started by Rump nine years ago. He relocated to the Vankleek Hill area from Picton 15 years ago.

Everything made by Rump and his three employees is a “one-off,” as he describes it. They design and build anything that is specific to the needs of the customer whether it is furniture or cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms. Bespoke is another word for something that is custom or tailor-made.

In recent years, Bespoke’s business has been more focused on commercial and corporate clients, but Rump wants to get back into making items, and doing fine woodwork for local customers.

Rump described his work as problem-solving, and “helping our customers be successful at whatever they want.”

As part of the plan to reconnect with the community, Rump had a few items on display at the artisan fair that can be used everyday in the home, show community pride, and make great gifts. The items include cutting and bread boards made from layers of light and dark woods such as oak and walnut, which gives the boards a striped appearance. There were building blocks for children, and small hearts attached to blocks that have “VKH” engraved in them. All the wood used by Bespoke is locally-sourced.

Rob Rump was not doing all the sales work himself though. His nine-year-old daughter Maya was with him at the artisan fair. She was proving herself to be a very knowledgeable and skilled salesperson.

“All our cutting boards are coated in food-grade varnish,” she explained. Maya carefully measured one of the cutting boards and then calculated the sale price for a customer.

Rump, who has an education in business, and has worked in the technology sector, said he always liked carpentry and that’s why he started Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery. After focusing on commercial customers in other communities for over three years, he is looking forward to taking on local projects and working with local people.