To The Editor,

On Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at l’École St-Jean-Baptiste in L’Orignal, I had the privilege to attend a political meeting organized by Action Champlain, the group of citizens which decided to hold a debate with the municipal candidates in the Canton de Champlain for the October 22 election.

The debate has showed that our population is well-informed on the environmental challenge that we will have to face in the near future. Rarely in L’Orignal have I seen people worry about the quality of the air, the quality of water and the quality of life in general. Well, a new era has come to our region. Our citizens and our local politicians agree that our future economic development belongs to us only. Time is up for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPRs), an old institution which overcame the will of our villages to refuse the return of heavy industries like a cement plant on our territory.

Most candidates running for councillors or mayor positions stated that if elected, they will sit with the UCPRs mayors to negotiate the voting process when it comes to make decisions that affect us as a community. Without the work of Action Champlain over the last few years, this change in attitude would not have been possible. 

Our economic future looks bright. If we maintain this approach and we keep working together we should be successful. Finally, we will take advantage of our geographical location and bring clean businesses on our territory.

Truly, the well-run debate with our future municipal politicians has given hope to our population. Thank you to all who participated in that democratic exercise in L’Orignal.

Pierre Simard,