To The Editor,

There has been an incredible amount of comment on the soon to be built Tim Hortons and I find it a bit over the top and somewhat confusing. When I moved here in 2012 I was told that a Tim Hortons would be coming to town. Three years ago I was told where it was going to be built. Tim Hortons makes its property decisions years in advance so all of this information made sense to me. This location has been chosen for the traffic passing through as there is only one outlet in Hawkesbury/Grenville that accommodates trucks and not those going to Quebec. Vankleek Hill is too small to support a typical Tim Hortons.

Having said that, most of the comment has been about how this outlet will kill our main street businesses. No Tim Hortons has ever killed a local business. Where small businesses suffer from the arrival of a Tims the usual killer is the decision of customers of local business to abandon daily fresh-baked pastries and fresh brewed specialty coffees for the price and convenience of a lower quality product. If you are currently a main street customer or someone who wants to preserve our Main Street business keep supporting these courageous entrepreneurs. You are their salvation and future.

Kenneth Duff,
Vankleek Hill