The storm sewer installation is continuing along the east side of High Street in Vankleek Hill. The watermain installation started recently at the south village limits, and will progress towards the north. Reconstruction of the road with granular materials is also being done concurrently with the installation of the watermain & storm sewer. Further north, crews are busy with the installation of the temporary overland water system within the second phase of the project (north of Wall St along High Street).

This week, there was some work happening where Methot Street currently connects to High Street. Note that part of this construction project will see Methot Street closed where it intersects High Street.

The construction project team reminds everyone to slow down when driving through the construction zone, and to obey the traffic signals, for workers’ safety.

The multi-million-dollar project involves the installation of new water mains, below frost level, along with upgrades to sections of the storm and sanitary sewers.

Project manager Francois Lafleur says things are progressing well, but the next few weeks are critical.