To the Editor,

Probably a lot of you are thinking Trump is the cause of this economic uncertainty. The truth is the problem lies a lot closer to home. One, is the Americans can choose to take our exports or not and make them in America, as Trump is leaning towards.

Second, you did all you could to kill any diversification in our industry in Eastern Ontario for nebulous environmental reasons. Namely, cement plants, asphalt plants, mines, quarries, fracking for gas, oil pipelines were all killed for the environment.

If the exporting companies mentioned to decide to close shop and move south, some of you may have something else to think of besides environmental causes. Like making mortgage and car payments with no job.

All you environmentalists working for the government may not want to be too smug about this either. Both the federal and provincial governments are laboring under massive deficits. In the event of an economical downturn, the bond rating agencies may tell them to get their financial house in order, thus increasing taxes and reducing expenses in the termination of some of your jobs.

The lot of you may also find out the environment which you so zealously protected will do absolutely nothing to help in economic downturns, i.e. job loss and reduced government grants. Therefore you may want to back off and allow some of this economic activity, cement plants, pipelines, fracking, etc. or live in a poverty-stricken area.


Kerry Franklin