The Nation Municipality inaugurated its new Municipal Hazardous and Special Waste Depot in Limoges on June 28 during its Open House event. This new hazardous and special waste depot was an initiative developed by employees of The Nation Municipality in order to cut costs and improve services offered to residents.

Originally, the municipality was hosting one Household Waste Day biennially, which was expensive in both time and money. By building this new 20′ x 32′ depot, which cost around $40,000 to build, the municipality is expecting to save around $8,000 directly per year. The municipality is also expecting to save money on all indirect salaries and overtime hours that were involved with the one-day household waste pick-up.

“We are hoping that this new site will help keep our environment clean and that The Nation residents will take advantage of this depot to dispose of their household hazardous waste several times during the year” said Mayor François St-Amour.

Moving forward, residents of The Nation Municipality will be able to dispose of their hazardous and special waste at the depot in Limoges every Saturday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., from the first Saturday of May to the last Saturday of October. For the complete list of items that are accepted at this new depot, visit