Jessup’s Falls Conservation Area, on County Road 17 in Plantagenet, is the perfect spot to explore the South Nation River. Filled with mature pine and maple trees, this 13-acre green space is open seasonally for residents and visitors to enjoy a range of activities from geocaching to kayaking. The park is also a favourite fishing spot, with river access, rock outcroppings, as well as an accessible dock.

South Nation Conservation (SNC) has been maintaining Jessup’s Falls Conservation Area for over 40 years to provide a safe and pleasurable outdoor experience. Work is planned for this summer to improve park conditions.

“Park improvements at Jessup’s Falls Conservation area are scheduled to begin in July,” said Pat Piitz, SNC, Team Lead, Property. “The work falls under plans set forth in SNC’s new Asset Management Plan, and will be the first of many restoration initiatives on this property over the next few years.”

Park updates will include the removal of trees damaged by winter conditions, age and the invasive Emerald Ash Borer, followed by the planting of additional trees and shrubs to improve the overall health of the property.

For public safety, the park will be temporarily closed the day of the tree removal.

“While Jessup’s Falls is closed, the public is encouraged to visit SNC’s other 13 Conservation Areas or local natural spaces throughout the jurisdiction,” added Piitz.

Located just a few neighbouring towns away in Alfred along the Concession Road 11, is the Alfred Bog. Visitors can explore this unique ecosystem home to rare turtle species and the carnivorous pitcher plant, by strolling along the 300-metre bog walk that is maintained by CNS.

Jessup’s Falls is part of SNC’s network of 14 day-use Conservation Areas available free of charge to residents and visitors, providing countless recreational opportunities to discover wildlife and their habitat in Eastern Ontario. Visit to plan your next summer adventure!

For more information, contact Pat Piitz, 1-877-984-2948 ext. 306, [email protected].