Water main, gas line, sidewalk and pavement replacement doesn’t quite mark the end of the list of changes that will occur at the intersection of Regent and William Street, in Hawkesbury.

As was stated in Review article “Bringing Hawkesbury’s traffic lights into the 21st century”, published on March 2, 2018, the Town of Hawkesbury has recently spent money on studies aimed at analyzing the traffic situation, intersection configurations and traffic light conditions.

The study was conducted by two Ottawa-based companies: Novatech Engineering Consultants and Partham Traffic Engineering, allowing the town to make projections up to 2035.

According to the OTM (Ontario Traffic Manual), the flow of traffic at said intersection is simply not heavy enough anymore to justify the use of a traffic light.

The guidelines stated that a four-way stop would suffice, as long as a school crossing guard by added at appropriate times.

The existing traffic lights will be dismantled for parts and stored until needed.