L’Orignal is now on the (unofficial) Great Canadian Landmark Map joining Rankin Inlet’s Giant Inukshuk, Cowichan’s 205 hockey stick, Vegerville’s impressive Ukrainian Easter Egg, Sudbury’s Big Nickel,  Colborne’s Big Apple, Shediac’s Big Lobster, Glover Harbour’s Giant Squid and the The Woolly Mammoth of Whitehorse. Following in the great steps of the Wawa Goose, L’Orignal now has a Moose on a Rooftop! We may not be as big as “Mac the Moose” of Moose Jaw, but how cool is it to be on that great big and wild (unofficial) Canadian roadside attractions map. This is big news. Let the tourist photos begin! We’re on the map folks, and I, for one, feel a summer road trip coming on, starting right here in L’Orignal!